Lets figure out what works best for you.

Your safety and comfort are paramount to me. I will always respect your boundaries and limitations. Escorts are welcome! I’ll put them to work to get you behind-the-scenes footage. I recommend you bring your own food and drinks. My shelves are pretty bare.

Proofs and final edits will be provided in a timely manner.  I assure you that you won’t be waiting for months to get your photos.



Let’s Break The Ice

  • 1 Hour Shoot
  • 3 outfits/looks
  • 6 fully edited photos
  • Additional edits $25/ea

Standard Session

Get A Little More

  • 3 Hour Shoot
  • unlimited outfits/looks
  • 5 fully edited photos per look (social media friendly only)
  • 1 BTS video per look
  • Video available for an extra fee
  • Additional full edits $25/ea

Monthly Creator Sessions

Give Your Fans Something Special

You need quality content to be competitive. Both professional and self-made. I will work with you twice a month and get you the content you need to keep your fans happy. And you will get it in a timely manner. I will also show you basic lighting and filming techniques to help improve the content you make on your own. 

Contact me TODAY and let’s talk about how I can make your content production easier.