Sharing what i’ve learned


We’ve all been there. The creative slump and feeling like your work isn’t progressing.  It’s frustrating. YouTube videos or articles only gets you so far. What I find works best is doing.

Work alongside me while I show you my thought process, lighting set-up, and composition techniques. This is your opportunity to pick my brain so I can share what I’ve learned over the years.

Focused Learning.

We will focus on whatever skills you wish to improve or learn. From set design, lighting, and composition to editing.


All my attention is yours. No waiting for others or getting into topics you’re not interested in. 

Photos. Videos. Or Both.

Photography is one thing. Video is another. I can help you with both!

Editing Workflow.

Get your edits done effeciently and effectively to increase your turnaround time and add more value for your clients.

I will schedule a model for any mentoring session for us to work with. The styles will be up to lingerie (no topless or nudes).

Half Day Photography Mentoring

4 hours of in-depth photography. Me, you, and a model.


Half Day Photography & Workflow/Editing Mentoring

2 hours of shooting and 2 hours of basic workflow and editing techniques.


2 Hour Workflow and Editing Mentoring

2 hours of the nitty gritty on how I manage my content, work through the photos, and editing techniques.